Mac Vs. PC for Photo Editing

Most people will tell you that whether you use a Mac or PC to edit your photos depends on what you want to do with those photos. But we’re taking a stand and going all in on Mac. It’s not just because Mac products provide users with quality and consistency that PCs have never been able to compete with, although that’s part of it. It’s also because when it comes to editing your photos, you want to use a machine that comes with power, speed and intuition: and that’s Mac.

Power and Performance

What’s important to the photo editing process is the speed at which you can edit your photos. Any good photographer will tell you they can spend weeks editing photos, especially if they are using a PC.

Mac computers are just faster. Unless you are going to drop a lot of cash on a processor for your PC, Mac is the way to go out of the box. The solid state harddrive means that your Mac can do multiple things at once, including editing photos, listening to music, researching online, writing documents – whatever it is you do with your computer, it can be done faster on a Mac. Have you ever tried to run multiple programs on a PC? It makes a weird noise that sounds like the hard drive is going to have a heart attack. Macs are built to multi-task.

Price is Just a Number

If you are questioning the price between a Mac and a PC, here’s the thing you need to consider: you will own 3 or 4 PCs in the lifetime of your Mac. Ask any off-the-shelf PC owner how long it took for their PC to start “acting up”, and ask them how many they have owned in the last 5 years. They probably won’t admit they’ve owned at least 2 PCs. Ask any Mac owner how long they have their Mac…you’ll find people hang on to these machines a lot longer. And not just because they paid a lot more money for it, but because it continues to work like the day they bought it, even years later.

Intuitive Design

Did you ever look at a Mac and a PC side by side? One is sleek and modern looking with what seems to be very little keys, and the other is big and clunky and appears to be made of a million little parts. When you are working on potentially hundreds of photos at a time, you want to be working with a machine that is built for creation. Mac is the computer of choice for programmers, designers, illustrators, and photographers – they know how well a Mac can handle that kind of intensive, creative work.

So what are you waiting for? Get the computer that is going to get the job done. You want power, performance, and innovation backing up your projects, don’t you? We thought so.